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LED irregular screen brings you endless surprises

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-10-21
If LED display screens are a backbone of the display industry, then LED irregular screens serve as a member of the new generation of the display industry. The widespread market demand for LED displays has led to their increasing use in various display fields, presenting a variety of shapes.

The market affects production, and demand in turn affects product innovation. Due to the diverse needs of users for LED displays, innovative LED displays are gradually emerging in urban life. Many places such as stations, stages, and bars have used trendy and eye-catching LED shaped screens, which come in different forms. With high-definition and efficient fine display, they gradually combine appearance with technological development and are highly favored by the market.

Nowadays, the application of LED spherical screens has gradually matured, and it is also the most common LED irregular screen. The LED spherical screen has a 360 ° full view perspective, allowing for all-round video playback. Excellent visual effects can be felt from any viewpoint without any flat angle issues. It can also directly project spherical objects such as the Earth and football onto the flash screen as needed, making people feel vivid and widely used in museums, science museums, and exhibition halls.

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