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The application of commercial advertising machines in the financial industry

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-08-18
Digital signage is primarily a term used to refer to any method of publishing multimedia information in public places. Nowadays, in places such as financial organizations, shopping malls, airports, retail stores, and club centers, dynamic announcements, electronic notices, multimedia advertising promotions, such as narrow broadcasts and digital signatures on the internet, have become increasingly common. However, whether these methods can capture the audience's thoughts or play the role of hasty passersby, the information and entertainment content that the audience comes into contact with in their daily lives are displayed on these screens.

In most basic architectures, digital signage is composed of playback devices connected to display terminals (such as computers, VCRs, or DVD players). Depending on the application of each branch, the display terminal may be a small LCD screen on the cashier window device, a plasma display panel on the device behind the cashier window, or even a video wall on the waiting area device. Due to various and applicable methods available, even the smallest banks or financial organizations can benefit from the digital signage they install.

Each bank and commitment organization has some traditional advertising methods in their branches, such as poster pasting, interest rate change boards, brochures, etc. But now is the spring of telecommunications. In the 1970s, dynamic announcements began to be widely used in store closures of television networks, coupled with the widespread availability of affordable VCR players. Retail stores and club centers were able to play pre recorded content to their sponsors and members to provide timely information. Next, the combination of TV/VCR has smaller flash terminals, and the network has begun to expand. The emergence of large flash products such as projection screens and video walls, coupled with the addition of satellite skills, makes it no longer impossible to watch the same information content together around the world.

In recent years, the blending of several elements has destined commercial advertising machines to be a robust, eye-catching, and applicable flash terminal media compared to before - thanks to their global applicability. The following elements are the driving force behind banks and promised organizations to take a step towards the digital advertising revolution: ubiquitous high-speed internet interfaces, the emergence of large display terminals such as plasma displays and LCD panels, and new video formats that can compress large amounts of information.

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