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Does seamless splicing really exist?

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-04-23

 Seamless splicing screenIt is a high-end product in the field of LCD large screens. Since its launch, it has been mainly used in high-end video conferences, conference presentation halls, big data displays, and other functions. Its display effect has also been recognized by most users. So, can seamless splicing screens really be completely seamless?

The advantage of seamless splicing screens without seams has gradually led to some products competing with LCD screens, such as small pitch LEDs. After all, LED screens are the leader in the entire display operation, and their technical development is more agile. Now, the smallest pitch product can achieve a p0.9, and the pixel point difference with LCD is not much. The resolution issue is gradually being addressed, and it is widely used in some product launches, government presentation halls, and other occasions, after all, in some large occasions, it is viewed from a distance,

So resolution is not a big issue. Because the entire display task only requires LCD technology to achieve satisfactory high-definition flashing, most users still use some visualization methods

I would love to use LCD products to assemble a large screen for use. Although DLP can also end 1080p flashing, it is now an marginalized product with high prices, expensive after-sales protection costs, and a lot of device space. Therefore, many users are unwilling to use this product. The modular device of LCD, convenient transportation, and no need for protection have been recognized by users. Therefore, seamless splicing screens not only inherit this feature, but also handle the problem of physical black edge splicing, gradually expanding its application planning, and have been widely used in indoor meetings, exhibitions, and other occasions.

However, seamless splicing screens also have their own shopping malls, and their biggest advantages are seamless, high-resolution, spliceable, and diverse display functions. With the increasing demand for intelligent flashing in enterprises and other fields, seamless splicing screens have also become the best choice.

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