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LCD splicing screen, making city life better!

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-10-31

LCD splicing screenThe rise of borrowingDongfeng's demand for "Safe City" construction and 3111 project monitoring

Large centralized monitoring and command center with high-definition, high-resolution, multi screen display, and an area of up to hundreds of square metersLarge scale terminal display systemIt has become a symbol of the construction of technology strong police and information visualization core infrastructure

LCD splicing screenIt has also become a numberlcd monitorA high-end arena.

LCD splicing screenBreaking through the limitations of high-end applications, its application fields span across multiple industries such as government, venues, transportation, energy, finance, broadcasting, entertainment, healthcare, education, etc. Even in many public places, we often see its presence.

DetianLCD splicing screenIt's a productA highly cost-effective splicing screen with a stylish appearance and meticulous workmanship, high resolution, high brightness, color saturation, and visually pleasing presentation,It can perfectly showcase all mall products, attracting consumers' attention in any area, space, or angle, and facilitating their shopping needs;

The Detian LCD splicing screen has:

1. Diversified interfaces: The entire machine has professional interfaces such as HDMI, VGA, AV, RJ45, etc

2. High quality LCD panel: Strictly select imported high-quality A-grade LCD panels to ensure safe use

3. Clear screen: Adopting the latest 3D image quality digital processing circuit, the image is clear, with a wide viewing angle, high brightness, and vibrant colors on a high-quality screen, with balanced brightness across the entire screen

Play product discounts, promotions, and other information to attract more users to consume, thereby bringing more benefits to the mall

The mall has a high foot traffic, and its excellent and perfect visuals can play merchant products or corporate advertisements, bringing additional advertising benefits to the mall.

In the next three to five years,liquid crystalThe popularity of high-definition will continue to accelerate, and high-definition will inevitably be the main product of the future. For example, household televisions, including commercial displays, will switch to high-definition signals, including some financial and banking productsmonitoring system, are undergoing high-definition renovations

The high-definition camera and display of high-definition images ensure safer monitoring, and the trend will inevitably make LCD the mainstream.

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