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The Gospel of LCD Splicing Screen: White Balance LCD Splicing Screen _ Detian Technology opens up an innovative era of high-end LCD splicing screens

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-06-19

White balance LCD splicing screen is a compensation for color deviation display through the white balance function, which achieves color consistency for each splicing screen and stabilizes the output display effect.


What is a white balanced LCD splicing screen?

Firstly, what is white balance? We must first understand this concept, which must first explain what white is. The color of the light reflected by an object depends on the color of the light source. The reason why the human eye regards some objects as white is because the human brain can detect and correct such color changes. Therefore, whether in sunlight, cloudy weather, indoors or under fluorescence, the color of the white object seen by people still remains. The human eye can adapt to itself, but LCD splicing screens do not have such intelligent functions. This is because the splicing screen's light-emitting components do not have this function. In order to meet human visual standards, splicing screens must create color intensity to adapt to the colors consistent with the human brain. That is to say, it is necessary to automatically or manually adjust the white balance of LCD splicing screens to achieve satisfactory colors. The white balance of LCD splicing screens can automatically perceive the surrounding environment, thereby adjusting the color balance. This process of correcting the output signal of LCD splicing screens is called white balance adjustment.

Why adjust white balance? Because white balance LCD splicing screens need to achieve normal restoration of scenery colors. Different light sources have different color temperatures, and not adjusting them can cause color deviation in the splicing screen. Adjusting white balance is to achieve normal restoration of scenery colors or change the color tone effect of the picture.

The white balance LCD splicing screen launched by Shenzhen Detian Technology Co., Ltd. aims to truly achieve color restoration, which is widely used in the medical industry. And now, we will also be widely applied in the field of monitoring, even in the office field, to achieve our true real images.

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