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Why are people flocking to commercial advertising machines? Manufacturers dispel your purchasing doubts

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-07-16

Usually, when passing by supermarkets, bus stops, hotels, and other places, people come into contact with LCD advertising machines. It seems that LCD advertising machines are similar to televisions, especially wall mounted advertising machines. People may have the misconception that they are just putting out unused LCD TVs because they are almost identical to common LCD TVs at home. However, after understanding the price of advertising machines, they find that they are much more expensive than LCD TVs of the same size. Why is this? Detian Technology has also found many customers interested inCommercial advertising machineI have doubts about the difference between advertising machines and televisions. Most people often compare advertising machines with LCD televisions when inquiring about advertising machine products.
For example, "How is the price of your advertising machine compared to LCD TVs of the same scale?" After asking, you may ask, "Why is it so expensive? LCD TVs are not so expensive?" Today, the editor of Detian Technology will answer this question to help customers make wiser decisions when purchasing advertising machines for the first time, and explain why commercial advertising opportunities are more expensive than LCD TVs.


1. Different usage scenarios
By comparison, commercial advertising machines are often used in a more harsh environment than household ones, and their usage time is frequent and long, which requires manufacturers to put in effort in hardware and design. After all, for customers, stability and revenue are linked to advertising machines

2. Investment return rate:

The advertising function invents better return on investment, and its effect is also more significant. Secondly, commercial advertising machines support 24-hour continuous use, while LCD TVs may experience screen burning phenomena such as image residue if used for too long. The advertising machine uses a commercial LCD panel, which is specifically designed for long-term use. According to testing, the service life of commercial advertising machines exceeds 50000 hours and professional techniques are used to reduce image residue issues. In addition, the advertising machine also has cooling fans, external ventilation and other equipment to ensure that the screen operates at the optimal temperature.

3. The display effect of the advertising machine is excellent, and the quality is satisfactory in the minds of consumers and user groups:

The quality and effect displayed are not as direct as the ten thousand benefits. Driven by various multimedia information dissemination systems, commercial displays have a more beautiful and visually impactful display effect compared to televisions. Secondly, the display effect of advertising machines is bright and atmospheric. No matter how the screen is placed, compared to televisions that are not suitable for vertical use, the viewing angle is wider.

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