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What technology is used to achieve 0mm seam display on seamless splicing screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-09-11

In recent years, with the rapid development of seamless splicing technology, seamless splicing screens have gradually become high-tech products in the large screen display market. In terms of high-definition display, they not only continue the advantages of LCD display technology, but also achieve seamless splicing display technology such as LED full color screens, which improves resolution while eliminating the physical black edge influence of traditional splicing screens, making large screen displays have a better visual experience. So,Seamless splicing screenWhat technology is used to achieve 0mm splicing?


In recent years, the splicing technology of LCD splicing screens has made great progress, with smaller splicing sizes. However, due to the limitations of LCD technology, it still cannot meet the higher requirements put forward by people: the hope for unobstructed high-definition display of large screen images. Therefore, in this context, the research and development of seamless splicing technology has received attention from the industry.

  1、 Electronic compensation technology

The electronic seamless splicing technology is to add small spacing LED strips on the four edges of a 55 inch LCD panel. It utilizes video restoration, 3D digital filtering, and dynamic image high-definition display technology to control lighting through chips, achieving integrated display effects such as gap concealment, color restoration, and large screen images. In static display, small bright bars will appear at the connection between the splicing units. If it is in video or image display, the large screen display is basically not affected, and this display effect can better assist people's work.

  2、 Optical refraction technology

The seamless splicing technology of Guangxu uses excellent polymer and highly transparent material PMMA, utilizing the principle of light refraction to solve the seam influence between seam units. Through light refraction, it connects the segmented image of the large screen, thereby achieving an integrated display effect of the large screen image. This technical skill preserves the high-definition display effect of the image and allows it to be fully displayed, meeting people's higher requirements for large screen display. It is widely used in places such as government departments, enterprises, and exhibition halls that have higher requirements for large screen display images.

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