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Is there really no seam in seamless splicing screens

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-09-04

Is there really no seam in seamless splicing screens? In the field of LCD splicing screens, due to the limitations of LCD technology, the LCD panel always has a certain border. When the entire screen is spliced and combined, a clear black border will be produced, which will affect the display of the large screen image. In order to better display the large screen image, we have launchedSeamless splicing screenIt is very necessary.

  1、 Technical Introduction

Seamless splicing screen is based on the original LCD panel and achieved through subsequent technological modifications to eliminate borders, thereby achieving a visually unified display effect, rather than making the LCD panel borderless. The specific method is to remove the border of the original LCD panel through technical means and add an LED light-emitting device on top. This device consists of two rows of small pitch LED lights arranged and packaged to form a light-emitting strip about 0.5 cm wide covering the position above the border. It is connected and controlled by a chip to achieve simultaneous illumination of the LCD screen and the LED device. In this way, the LED part can restore the image that was originally obscured by the border, achieving an integrated display effect.


The above figure is a basic principle diagram of seamless splicing screen imaging. Through technical introduction, we can know that although seamless splicing screen achieves borderless display effect, it is indirectly achieved by utilizing the fusion display of LCD and LED. Therefore, this is also known as electronic LED fusion seamless splicing processing technology by our company.

  2、 What occasions will seamless splicing screens be used

In traditional applications, most LCD splicing screens are used for security monitoring and display, such as monitoring centers of public security and traffic police, monitoring rooms of banks and schools, etc. These situations do not have high requirements for splicing, as long as the images of all monitoring points can be displayed simultaneously. These requirements are exactly what splicing screens are good at, because they can achieve segmentation, splicing and other effects on a single screen basis, and the resolution can perfectly match the monitored pixels.

The launch of seamless splicing screens is mainly aimed at the high-end large screen display market, such as conferences, exhibition halls, big data, integrated media and other platforms. In these occasions, unlike monitoring rooms, which only pursue display functions, they focus more on display effects, that is, the integrity of the entire image after splicing and the user's visual experience. If there is splicing, it will have a significant impact. However, screens without splicing, such as LED technology, have insufficient resolution and may have mosaic phenomena. Therefore, it is necessary to launch a seamless splicing screen that can achieve high-definition and can display without splicing.

After years of research and development, Detian Technology was the first to introduce seamless splicing technology in 2016, enabling seamless display of large screen images. Today, it has also launched the third-generation seamless splicing technology, providing more solutions for many high-end large screen display user groups.

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