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Why can Detian LCD splicing screens be loved by many companies?

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-06-19

With the strong support from the government in recent years for the LCD splicing screen industryThe development of LCD splicing screensThe momentum is strong,The most well-known among them is undoubtedlyBOEThe leading domestic enterprise producing LCD panels (with multiple production lines) produces various sizes and models of LCD panels. To some extent, it has balanced the situationSamsungOne of the reasons for the price decline of LCD splicing screens is the presence of foreign screens such as LG in the Chinese market.

With the increasing number of LCD splicing screen enterprises, competition between them has intensified, which has promoted the development of LCD splicing screens. In a short period of time, their splicing seam size has developed from the original 20mm to the present3.5Mm LCD splicing screen. And while breakthroughs have been made in the splicing of LCD splicing units, their prices are also becoming increasingly affordableIts performance in all aspectsalsoMore complete.

With the development of splicing screens, more and more enterprises are choosing to use LCD splicing screens. It is not an exaggeration to say that LCD splicing screens have spread across the entire market, whether in resource production enterprises such as energy, mining, electricity, water conservancy, or in finance, education, etcmilitaryIt can be seen in many industries such as transportation and entertainment.

Why are LCD splicing screens popular among many businesses?

FirstlyLCD splicing large screenThe digital processing technology of the screen display system is suitable for office meeting display

Enable users to truly experience the full HD large screen effectThe delicate display effect is particularly suitable for playing text and video images, which is undoubtedly the best choice for enterprises where content display dominates.

Secondly, the LCD splicing wall composed of multiple ultra narrow edge LCD splicing units is very suitable for data analysis

DetianThe LCD splicing screen stitching has achieved the minimum physical stitching for ultra narrow edges3.5mm, The displayed screen can be said to have no defects present.

For institutions that often need to display complex data or for enterprises used for advertising and exhibition, the size of the stitching on LCD splicing screens is particularly important. Especially when it comes to the display of financial data, if there happens to be a gap between 5 and 6 1s due to stitching affecting the display content, it can be the business volume of a medium-sized enterprise. In terms of presentation, high-definition and complete images are also needed to provide viewers with a smooth and seamless visual experience.

Thirdly, in some ways, it can enhance the company'ssoft power

Compared to general display devicesThe LCD splicing screen is more technological and intelligent, and also more flexible, allowing for the expansion and contraction of the display screen at any time. To a certain extent, using LCD splicing screens to display conference content during customer visits or business negotiations, which can elevate the enterprise to a higher level, undoubtedly gives the enterprise a strong and highly technological image label, which invisibly helps to boost the enterpriseImage.

FourthSplicing screenFlexibility and operational methods

There are various limiting factors in the environment where enterprises usually need to install LCD splicing screens, and LCD splicing units have unique splicing and combination functions. Users can assemble suitable LCD splicing large screens according to their actual needsMultiple installation methods: wall mounted, cabinet mounted, floor standing bracket, embedded, etc. This is also one of the reasons why companies prefer LCD splicing screens.

Moreover, its operation is simple, and real-time control of the LCD splicing large screen can be achieved by installing supporting software on the computer.

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