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The basic functions of split screen LCD advertising machines

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-06-19

There are many types of advertising machines, and the split screen LCD advertising machine is one of them. The split screen LCD advertising machine can accurately and effectively meet the advertising needs of advertising customers, and can be divided into specific categories every day128For a period of time, a list can be used for one month of program time, and different time periods support different split screen methods. So what are the basic functions of a split screen LCD advertising machine?


1Play program files

 After correctly connecting the advertising machine, turn on the power. IfCFThere is a playlist in the card, set the current time of the advertising machine, and the advertising machine will automatically play according to the on/off time and program playback order set in the playlist.

2Rolling Marquee Subtitles

 Marquee scrolling subtitles refer to scrolling advertisements or other text content that users need below the screen while playing program files. A playlist file can be edited at once31Rolling subtitles of the sky's running lantern; Every day can be divided into128The playback period can be set to minutes.

3Setting the on/off time

 You can use playlists to manage the on/off time of advertising machines. You can set daily through playlists128The on/off time can be set accurately to minutes. The time when the first file in the playlist starts playing is the boot time, and the time when the last file ends playing is the shutdown time.

4Playlist file creation

 Manage the on/off time of the advertising machine through a playlist, freely switch between single screen or split screen playback modes, play according to user-defined file playback order, and manage the playback of scrolling subtitles on the scrolling marquee. A playlist file can be edited at once31The playback content of the day; Every day can be divided into128The playback period can be set to minutes.

5Screen playback mode

 The screen playback mode can be divided into single screen playback mode and split screen playback mode. The management of single screen and split screen playback modes can be easily achieved through playlist files. Split screen playback mode is a powerful feature designed specifically for advertising playback.

In summary, there are still many basic functions of split screen LCD advertising machines. We have changed the traditional playback control mode of advertising machines and adopted a brand new one"Time slot program list control method" controls the playback and shutdown status of the advertising machine by creating an accurate time slot program list.


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