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What are the requirements for the cutting technology of strip screens

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-10-20

  Strip and irregular screens have been cut and processed, and are widely used in products such as bus stop signs and subway station announcement screens. Below, Kuanbo will analyze the technical points of cutting LCD glass on strip LCD screens for everyone. Let's take a look together:

  Bar screenThe key points of cutting technology mainly include:

1、 The size should be accurate.

Due to the small tolerance of the assembled structural components, if the rod screen is cut, dimensional errors will lead to assembly failure.

2、 The display effect is better.

After cutting, if the operation is improper or the cutting equipment itself has problems, the display effect of the processed LCD screen strip will be very poor.

3、 Cannot damage the wiring of the original screen.

The lower part of the LCD is equipped with a flat cable connected to the printed circuit board. If the ribbon cable is accidentally damaged during the processing of the ribbon screen, the ribbon screen may become unusable or even scrapped.

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