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Commercial advertising machines make advertising placement easier

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-03-03
The widespread use of intelligent products has changed people's way of life, and people's requirements for products around the day will also become higher and higher, and touch all-in-one machines are no exception. The touch all-in-one machine is a computer all-in-one machine product that integrates industrial control motherboards, computers, display screens, touch screens, and other hardware. With the continuous expansion of market demand and the continuous advancement of skill innovation, trust in the future, the demand for the use of touch all-in-one machines will be increasing. So, what will be the development trend of touch all-in-one machines in the future?
The outstanding appearance and characteristics of commercial advertising machines are accompanied by the continuous progress of society, which is accompanied by the increasing demand for products. With the diversification of application scenarios, people's requirements for its appearance are gradually increasing. So gradually, vertical, horizontal, wall mounted and so on emerged, and in these basic shapes, customers also put forward higher requirements. The clarity is more delicate. It is estimated that within two years, 4K skills will enter commercial shopping malls and even be applied to households on a large scale. The use of 4K LCD screens in electronic devices such as touch all-in-one machines or touch displays will become an inevitable trend. It is believed that in the near future, the application of 8K resolution to touch all-in-one machines will only be a matter of time. Working at a faster and more efficient pace, efficiency is the key to advancing economic benefits. For enterprises, retailers, and every user, experience is an important key factor that affects their attention and understanding. Rapid response is always demanded by people.

The characteristics and advantages of outdoor LED in commercial advertising machines:
1. Always highlight in high definition within the visible interval.
2. High definition and high brightness, able to adapt to various external environments, and visible outdoors 24/7!
3. The intelligent temperature control system can schedule the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment
4. Able to automatically schedule brightness according to the environment, reduce light pollution, and save electricity
5. Based on network 5G, WIFI and other skills, it can complete long-distance publishing and processing of playback content, restrain oneself from programs, play in real-time, and enrich content.

  Commercial advertising machinePlanning and application in outdoor advertising malls, primarily in commercial buildings, campuses, hospitals, public transportation, and other work. Therefore, LCD advertising machines also have advantages such as strong targeting, high arrival rate, mandatory viewing, high urban coverage, low-carbon environmental protection, etc. Advertising machines have become a channel for displaying outdoor advertising.

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