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How much does a seamless splicing screen cost per square meter? What is the minimum seam for seamless splicing screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-08-22

Seamless splicing screen is a high-end large screen display product, mainly used in government units, intelligent conference rooms, and exhibition halls. The price factor is a concern for many customers,Seamless splicing screenSo what is its market price generally?


  How much does a seamless splicing screen cost per square meter?

For the price of seamless splicing screens, it is not only the quotation of the screen body, but also the quotation of the entire solution, including large screen software, supporting accessories, technical support, installation services, after-sales service, etc. If customer bidding support is required, other costs may also be incurred.

However, the quotations that meet this series are mostly from legitimate manufacturers, while some small manufacturers and agents cannot meet these requirements. Because legitimate manufacturers have certain comprehensive strength, such as qualified quality, complete qualifications, mature technology, and service support, all aspects are guaranteed by certain guarantees. However, some small manufacturers and agents generally only focus on the price of their products, usually attracting customers at lower prices, in order to achieve transaction goals.

Too much emphasis is placed on price factors, and seamless splicing screens that are not guaranteed in quality or cannot keep up with after-sales service are chosen. Although there will be no problems at the beginning of use, over time, their drawbacks will gradually become apparent in the subsequent use process, as some unscrupulous manufacturers may use substandard raw materials, refurbish and reuse old screens, or lack corresponding after-sales service and technical support.

Therefore, when choosing seamless splicing screens, we should not only consider price factors, but also consider product quality and service more in order to create greater value.


  What is the minimum seam for seamless splicing screens?

Seamless splicing screen is a popular large screen display product in recent years. It not only continues the advantages of LCD display technology, but also achieves significant breakthroughs in splicing technology. Its application in many industries is becoming increasingly widespread.

So, is there really no gap in seamless splicing screens? In fact, there are still certain gaps, such as optical splicing technology. Although the use of glass's optical refraction principle eliminates the influence of black edges between splicing units, there are still some gaps between the joints between splicing units and the overall picture. So, although current technology can achieve seamless splicing, it has not yet achieved seamless display of real images. As shown in the following figure:

Although LED compensation technology is used to achieve fusion display between splicing units, there are still slight differences in the uniformity of brightness and color difference. Therefore, when displaying static images, the brightness and color difference of the splicing part may not reach a complete display, but it will not affect the viewing. As shown in the following figure:

Recently, LG launched a 0.88mm LCD panel, which is currently the smallest splicing model. Although it has a certain black edge, the small splicing makes the overall picture of the large screen basically unaffected. Its display effect and seamless splicing screen have their own advantages, and it is highly favored by customers in the high-end large screen display application field.

At present, Detian Technology has launched seamless splicing technology for more than three years, with hundreds of applications across the country, most of which are used in exhibition halls, conference rooms, command centers, and other occasions. In the future, with the continuous upgrading and updating of seamless splicing and fusion technology, the display effect will inevitably become better and better.

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