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LCD splicing screen, you don't know how tricky it is

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-08-14

  LCD splicing screenDeveloped for over 10 years, in terms of clarity? In terms of lifespan and environmental protection. However, with the development of LCD splicing screens, they also face a series of problems. For example, if the industry develops, the number of manufacturers will increase, and each manufacturer will have certain differences in the quality of splicing screens. On the surface, it's not all calmness, there's a kind of cat trick you don't know.


The industry has developed and there are more manufacturers, and customers have more choices. Besides some brand quality, the most important consideration is certainly price. In order to survive in this fierce competition, some small manufacturers directly provide users with bare screens at much cheaper prices. However, if bare screens are used directly, there is a certain crisis because bare screens are dust-proof? Anti squeezing and so on. There are obvious shortcomings. Delaying after-sales service is also very difficult.

In pursuit of aesthetics and practicality, current splicing screens are also becoming thinner, but they are often prone to crushing and malfunctions during transportation and use. Many manufacturers' processing methods involve directly replacing screens on site, as many domestic splicing screen manufacturers lack the technology and conditions to repair such screens. To gain more benefits, simply repair the splicing screen and then sell it twice. Therefore, when purchasing spliced screens, it is best for users to conduct necessary checks first.? Avoid choosing such devices.

In the subconscious of many people, a large size can bring a lot of power consumption, but in reality, this is not the case. Related studies have found that the power consumption of LCD splicing units of different sizes is not significant. Strictly speaking, the power consumption of LCD splicing screens depends on the number of LCD splicing units. The more screens there are, the higher the power consumption. Therefore, if users have a demand for large-sized screen applications and choose large-sized splicing units to reduce the number of splicing times, it will be larger and therefore more energy-efficient. Don't be fooled by salespeople when making a purchase.

Therefore, when purchasing LCD splicing screens from manufacturers, we must conduct on-site inspections to see if the manufacturer has their own factory, the size of the factory, whether the honors are complete, and whether there is a professional technical and after-sales team. Because the more points displayed by the factory, the more complete the qualification, and the safer the manufacturer. Those little cats are not so tired anymore.

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