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Principle and Advantages Analysis of LCD Splicing Large Screen Technology

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-10-12

LCD splicing screen is composed of individual units, each with an independent splicing processing system. Each unit can independently process signals and control signals, which greatly ensures the clarity of image quality and smooth playback. For large screen display devices, although LED and DLP have unique advantages and occupy a certain market share, with theLCD splicing screenWith the leading development of technology, this pattern will inevitably be quickly broken in the future, occupying more market share, which is also the consensus of many LCD splicing screen manufacturers.

For the current performance of LCD splicing screens, they are becoming increasingly popular in various industries due to their clear images, stable operation, low energy consumption, and high lifespan. According to the current domestic market industry, more and more customers are using LCD splicing screens as terminal display devices in conference rooms, exhibition halls, command centers, commercial displays, and other places. They are gradually replacing LED screens, DLP splicing screens, and projector screens, becoming the preferred choice for large screen display.

1、 IPS hard screen technology, full hardware architecture, stable operation, supporting 24x7 hours of long-term working mode. Aipu Le mainly promotes three models: 46 inch, 49 inch, and 65 inch, which can be installed in various ways such as wall mounted, bracket type, cabinet type, embedded, and front maintenance type, suitable for various indoor situations. This splicing large screen is one of its important advantages, and wireless splicing is carried out according to the actual needs of customers.

2、 High definition display quality allows customers to experience a perfect visual feast, with a single screen resolution of 1920p. Through the point-to-point and non deformable solution launched by Epler, multiple screens are spliced, which can achieve higher resolution display. For example, the resolution of 2x2 splicing screens can reach 4K high-definition display, and the resolution of 4x4 splicing screens can reach 8K ultra clear display, making the large screen display clearer, brighter, and better picture hierarchy.

3、 Through the graphics controller launched by Epler, various display modes such as single screen, full screen, picture in picture, overlay, cross screen roaming, image segmentation and scaling can be achieved in any combination. Moreover, the operation is flexible, the system response speed is fast, and it is more convenient for people to operate.

4、 Powerful management and control software that supports multiple matrix protocols, supports AV/DVI/HDML matrix linkage from different manufacturers and models, and can quickly and smoothly display and play input signals.

5、 The integrated display effect of large screen images is good, and splicing technology has always been a bottleneck that LCD splicing screens are constantly breaking through. However, in recent years, great achievements have been made, such as LG's 0.88m splicing launched in early 2019, which basically achieved seamless splicing display, and the image quality is clearer and brighter than LED or DLP.

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